International Islamic University

International Islamic University
The International Islamic University is located in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan. It was founded on the first day Muharram 1401 and November 11, 1980.


The university is designed to develop scholarships for front-end viewers whose character and personality conform to Islamic teachings and who have not come to meet the socio-political critique and intellectual influence of the Muslim Ummah. The university will continue to be a source of higher education in Pakistan.

The university has two campuses for women.
The old campus is about the Faisal Mosque. The mosque was designed by Turkish guests. The university was built by King Faisalabad of Saudi Arabia. The mosque is one of the largest in the world. The prayer hall has the capacity to accommodate 10,000 people in the women’s gallery and courtyard.
Construction of Occupied Zionist Complex in Sector H-10 of Campus Islamabad was completed in 2013. Since then, a new camp for women has been set up. Construction of Central Library and Lincoln completed in 2006.


Attempts are made to solve this problem with all facilities for male and female students in this university. Library Medical Hostel Computer Lab , banking facilities transport post office etc.

Central Library
The Central Library is located on the campus of Muhammad Hameedullah and also contains the International Islamic Institute of Islamic Library. It contains rare books on governance.

Islamic Research Institute His Library.
There are 25,000 books in technology engineering and technology and fingers just bought 550 research reports and competitions

Shariah Academy
Bareilly Sharif has 8975 books of Quranic sciences and Hadith studies besides Islamic law and many law books.

Apparently, it is an education university, but in keeping with Islamic teachings, education services are provided by a separate sanctuary for men and women.

Multiple environment

Students from 75 countries come to Pakistan to study at the Islamic International University. Students are welcomed to this university regardless of their religion or culture. This university speaks Islam.

Many students from abroad also come to study at this university, especially in China, where a large number of students are present.

The university’s infrastructure includes seven academic centres, seven university dormitories for women and six hostels for men.

It also highlights your culture. Apart from other countries, students from far and wide also come to Pakistan to study.

The shuttle has the freedom to do whatever it wants with its culture here, but we do everything with Islamic teachings in mind.

We have personal freedom in this university but it has to work according to the principles of Islamic teachings. If anyone violates the principles of Islamic teachings, he will be severely punished.

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