Kidney Friendly Food

Kidney Failure a burning issue of our world. According to a survey, there are 10% of kidney patients are of the world population. Mostly Diabetes and high blood pressure damage the kidney. Because Kidney is filtering our body blood and produce urine and balancing minerals and salts etc.

Sometimes people face chronic kidney and require dialysis. When the doctor advised a restriction diet plan strictly. In this situation, the kidney can’t remove extra water from the blood. As a result, blood buildup of certain chemicals increasing. Now at this stage patient needs a diet plan which involves limiting sodium, potassium, minerals, and salts, etc.

Daily Intake of Natural Chemical for adults: –

Name                         Normal                                  Renal Diet                                         Food Group

Sodium                      –           2000-2300 mg                      750-2000 mg                                     Process Food

Potassium                 –           2600-3500 mg                      Below 2000 mg                                 Dairy, Vegetables, Fruit

Calcium                     –           1000-2500 mg                      Below 2000 mg                                 Dairy, Green Vegetables, Bread, Fish

Phosphate                –           800-1200 mg                         3.0-5.5 mg/dL                                    Dairy, Nuts, Seafoods, Organ Meats, Grains

Protein                       –           46-56 g                                  37-40 g                                              Dairy, Meats, Poultry, Seafood

Carbohydrates          –           2000 Calories                       Depend on food and                   Oatmeal, Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Bread

body requirement

Cholesterol               –           Less than 200 mg                40-60 mg                                           Whole Grains, Fatty Fish, Fortified Food

Citric Acid                  –           320-1240 mg                         Not Bad for Kidney                          Lemon, Orange, Grapefruits

Uric Acid                    –           3.4-7 mg                                7-8 mg                                                Dairy, Fat Products, Red Meat, Alcohol


Medium Potassium Foods

Low Potassium food can take in limited quantity: –

Low Protein Food                    –          Amount = 1 choice 
Beef, chicken, and fish           –           30 grams or 1 ounce 
Egg                                          –           1 
Fruit and Juice
apricot                                     –           2 Smallgrapefruit 
cranberries                              –           2 cups (480 ml)grape juice
Fig                                           –           1 medium rawlemon juice
orangelime juice
peachpineapple juice
pear                                         –           ½Prunes                         –           2
pineappleOther: fruit pie: 1/8 piece using any of above fruit
Prunes                                     –           ¼ cup (125 ml)plum
raisins                                      –           2 tablespoons (15ml)watermelon
Green Beans,corn
cauliflowerLady Finger (okra)
Celery             –                       1 Stalkradish
pepper: red or greentomato
potato: mashed or boiledtomato sauce
summer squashsummer squash – spaghetti, zucchini
turnip½ medium
 ¼ cup (125 ml)

High Potassium Foods

High Potassium food should be avoiding: –

Fruit and Juices
bananamelon – honeydew
dates – 3orange juice
grapefruit juicepapaya
guavapassion fruit juice
carrot juicepotato – baked, instant, fries, scalloped
dandelion greensrapini
lentils, legumesrutabagas
lima beansspinach, cooked
mushrooms – canned, cookedsquash (winter) – acorn, butternut, hubbard,
parsnipssweet potato
peas – driedswiss chard
tomato juice, vegetable juiceyam

High Phosphorus food should be avoiding: –

Cola ProductBlack Pepper
LemonHot chocolate
Non-dairy creamerFlavored water
Nuts and seeds 

Low Phosphorus food can take in limited quantity: –

Non-Cola ProductsFruit Juice without calcium
Pop CornChips

BEST General Foods enjoy in limited form

bay leafCoriander
garliclemon peel
mustardorange peel
anise              poppy seeds
cuminsesame seeds
Eggs (without salt)grapes
Omelet made with low potassium vegetables (green pepper and red pepper or onion)steamed white rice
pineapplebuttered noodles
green salad without salt,sherbet lemon
green beanscoffee and tea
carrotssmall sandwich with mayonnaise, onion, tomato slices (1-2)
cornnon-cola soft drink
cauliflowersherbet lemon
White bread –  1 Slice  cooked macaroni, rice, noodles          –           ½ cup  
wheat or oatmeal cream         –           ½ Cup  popcorn                                               –           2 cups  
white sugar                              –           1 tablespoon  honey                                                  –           2 tablespoons  
jam                                          –           2 tablespoons  jelly                                                      –           2 tablespoons  

                            –     –       –       –       –       THE END    –     –       –       –        –

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